Ken Day

Clinical Hypnotherapist / Psych-k Facilitator /Entrepreneur / Web Designer / Internet Marketer / Beekeeper

Hi I live in Australia with my family and our pets. 2 dogs, 2 cats and a new over energised puppy. How did I get to this point?

Growing up when I was 9 years old my father passed away after having a fatal heart attack. At the time he had recently given up smoking at the doctor’s request.

This was a time in the 70’s when even the doctors still smoked and when people smoked in the house, in the car, at work, in the trains or the planes there was no limit.

So when my father passed he was only smoker in the house and left me as a passive smoker. I remember just after he was gone after dinner one evening I pulled out a packet of smokes put the on the table and lit one up. Being only 9yrs I think my mother was in shock. All that she said to me was after that packet I don’t want to catch you smoking again. We’ll as you might guess she never caught me.

However I never stopped until………..

20 years later my son had just turned 1 year old. I was a heavy smoker, smoking 40 plus a day and I decided I was going to give up because having grown up without a dad I did not want smoking to come between me and my son’s future.

So I managed to get hold of a self-hypnosis tape and listened to one side in a relaxed state and the other side during the day while working or when I needed.

February 26 1996 was the last cigarette I have smoked until this day 24 years on.

So I wanted to know why it worked and qualified as a Clinical hypnotherapist not long after.  

What I did find out was apart from 21 days to change habit. Its Emotion not Will power that is important. You need an emotional desire rather than just a will is a key to achieving this goal. There was also another secret key to this working….and that was something I said right before I stopped..

 Currently I am building an online presence using email marketing and some unique traffic methods that gets almost endless amounts of traffic without paid ads. Between everything else we look after a number of beehives that produce the most delicious honey, plus they say the bee stings are good for any arthritis if you have any.